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The Marty Acks Wiki

This site is dedicated to my personal interests.


[edit] My personal life

[edit] My work life

  • CDI Technology - where I work today
  • PTC - where I used to work
  • LinkedIn - me at LinkedIn
  • Twitter - I tweet here about work and software industry related matters
  • Blogspot - When it just won't fit in 140 characters, I blog here.
  • Silvon - a company I co-founded in 1987.

[edit] I recommend

[edit] Music

[edit] Harry Chapin and extended musical family

  • Harry Chapin - Master of the story song who died too young.
  • Tom Chapin - Grammy award winning folk and children's musician
  • Steve Chapin Band - Steve Chapin continues to perform his own and Harry's music
  • Jen Chapin - Harry's daughter carry's on in family business with her own unique urban folk sound
  • The Chapin Sisters - Tom's daughter's sing beautiful harmonies
  • The Chapin Family - The whole Chapin clan gets together a few times a year.
  • Michael Mark - most often seen with Tom Chapin these days
  • Jon Cobert - Frequent Tom Chapin collaborator

[edit] On the rock side

[edit] On the country side

[edit] From my younger days

[edit] News

[edit] Charities

[edit] Local Restaurants

  • Cracker Barrel - Best "home cooking" available in a chain restaurant.
  • Sweet Tomatoes - Good fresh salad bar with lots of fixin's.
  • Five Guys - Hamburger joint that opened on Valetines Day is on my way to work. A will power test for sure.
  • Steak and Shake - My favorite hamburger
  • Cosi - Great flat bread sandwiches. Light tandoori chicken on whole wheat is my favorite.
  • Labriola - Perhaps the best ham and cheese sandwich I have ever had. Favorite place for lunch.
  • Ballydoyle Pub - An Irish pub with great boxty.
  • Bob Evans - Fried mush, what else can I say, not that local any more though
  • Thai Cafe - Very good Thai takeout
  • Eagle Restaurant - Great gyros

[edit] Local Downers Grove area businesses

  • The Olive Tap - Nice family run business with wide choice of olive oils, balsamics, and salts and peppers.
  • Tivoli Theater - Restored 1930's theater with organ music on Friday and Saturday nights
  • Lemon Tree - Locally owned fresh food store and restaurant that is always reinventing themselves. $5 gourmet burger/fries on Monday after 5:30pm
  • Hitech Auto Service - High quality car repairs for a fair price at corner of Maple and Fairview. They treat me as an old friend.
  • Standard Market and Grill - Latest fresh market in the area that opened in 2011.

[edit] Chicago Area Tourism and Activities

  • Driehaus Museum - wonderfully restored Gilded Age mansion.
  • Chicago Architectural Foundation - excellent walking tours of Chicago.
  • Chocolate Tour - We did the gold coast one and enjoyed it
  • Pizza Tour - more than you would ever want to know about the history of pizza in Chicago
  • Provision Theatre - thought provoking plays of hope, reconciliation and redemption
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